All our instructor have got a professional third part liability insurance.

Label FFVL (Ecole Française de vol libre) EFVLN° 03940 agreement French Free Flying school

Our instructors have signed up the different contracts of quality engagment with FFVL (teaching paragliding, tandem, speed riding, speed flying) EFVL and pro tandem pilots. They respect the FFVL rules. You could participate to the quality research (sorry in french)  of  FFVL.

Syndicat local declared in the youth and sport ministery.  Third part liability insurance: "assurance groupement sportif FFVL".



Claire Mercuriot, president of the school

BPJEPS teacher

Gold medal at the 2016 acrobatic french championships. She joined the acrobatic french team in 2016... representing France with a gold medal by nation at the last world championships in Annecy in 2016, and a 6th place in women ranking. She has got the most incredible progression that we have ever seen, as she learned to fly with us in the promotion "Gens du Pays" Course in 2012. When you leave the nest of les Ailes du Mont-Blanc ... it is not only to figurate ...

You will have the chance to meet this beautifull person, as secret as she efficente, as she come back in the nest to become the new boss of the school ... 

Claire is a pilot in Icaro team. You can have a look on her videos.

Instructor insurance and Ministery agreement professional card

Laetitia Mescoff, accountant of the school 

BPJEPS teacher

Laetitia is a migration bird which gave her a solid experience catch from all the different places she has been to fly paragliding in the Alpes and anywhere in the world.

This curiosity towards different places of flying made her as a very completed instructor with a high level of adaptation to different public very close to your envy, your motivation and your capacity.

Laetitia will know how to satisfy your most strong aspiration in your learning to fly ... 

Laetitia has got her own brand of paragliding and climbing clothes : Et en + c'est vrai!

Instructor insurance and ministery agreement professional card

Jérémy Picq, secretary of the school

BPJEPS teacher, ski instructor

An other of our small bird fly out of the nest of les Ailes du Mont Blanc few year's ago ... after his father learn to fly with us ... What could be our best reward to see our students becoming better than their instructors ... and becoming instructors themselves ...

The calm assurance of Jérémy, who also teach ski since his is a teenager, will make your first flight so simple ... that only the pleasure will explosed in yourself when you will live the earth ... 

Instructor insurance and ministery agreement professional card



Sandie Cochepain, technical director of the school

Paragliding World champion 1997 FAI   &   European Champion 1998 FAI, World champion 1999 PWCA & Champion of France 1995, 1999, 2000, on 2001

BEES Parapente 1st degree in 1994DEJEPS 2011FFVL qualifications : training course piloting in 1995, speedriding in 2006, mini voile and hand'icare (flying with wheelchair) 2010.
Member of the French team from 1994 till 2001. Test pilot acpuls for the FFVL from 1995 till 2005.  

Pro Pilot for Ozone.   Sandie has also a partnerships with Sun & Color Foods.        

Pilot of experience (10 years of high-level competition, fly since 1989 and teaches since 1992), Norman fallen in love with Chamonix, but also big traveler, having taught within the prestigious equip "Stages Vallençant", Sandie created Les Ailes du Mont-Blanc in 2001. She made the school grow being the technical director until 2015.

She will teach you with passion the techniques and secrets of a sport which changed her life. Above all, she will get you to carry out your training course of paragliding or of speedriding in the best conditions of success, safety and pleasure.

Download Sandie's press book.     Instructor insurance         Ministery agreement professionnal card

Yohan Esteve

BEES Parapente 1st degree in 2004.

FFVL Qualification: UCC speedriding in 2006

Yohan learned to fly with his father. Very young test pilot, practising in all play grounds of the free flying following the track of his father, Yohan practice all the disciplins  of free flying, acrobatic, distance, hight mountain fly .... due to his discovering of the free fall and of the speed riding  in 2006, he is a very completed teacher.

Yohan has got the passion to teach with a very strong patience. he is a very qualify instructor who will give all his energy for your progression in security and for your pleasure.

Yohan is thepresident of  the school where he acquired all his professional experience.

Instructor insurance and ministrery agreement professional card

Medhi Bidault

Student teacher BPJEPS, hight mountain guide, ski instructor

Medhi work next to his father at "la maison des guides de Vallorcine", and at the ESF ski school. He naturally join the team of his coach  (Yohan) to follow his instruction to become a full paragliding instructor and to bring youth and vigeur in the quite new guiding office bequeathed by Sandie.

He is a brilliant, self-taught paraglider, he became a complete, so relevant pilot in acrobatics as in cross... He also practises the speed riding, the paralpinisme, the hike & flight and bivouac typifies ultratrail...

Medhi is an ambassador of the paragliding to Vallorcine, with the support of his family, of the Mayor and the support of " Ski Rock ".

Instructor insurance and and Ministery agreement professional card


David Sorin


After many years working for les Ailes du Mont Blanc as a secretary and a commercial, David is back with us for our and your pleasure as a paragliding teacher.

His passion of "flying" started with a tandem flight when he was 12….Accompagnied by Yohan's father and the "flying son", he got the first taste of all the air pleasures. Trained by our team, he's constantly improving his knowledge with pleasure, and total safeness. He also is a lot into skydiving.

His open mind is the reflexion of all his different sport activities and interests. He's a Hapkido instructor (corean martial art) within the Chamonix sports Club (2 national titles). His strong interest for general wellness has pushed him to learn traditional thai massage, Ayurvedic massage, vibratory corean massage, reflexology. He will be ready for massages after your trainings, your mountain trips...

He now also give lessons of ZenYoga . With a great pleasure, and lots of passion, he will give the envy to try a tandem flight or to advise you during your paragliding courses.

Instructor insurance and and Ministery agreement professional card




Fluent english and french speaking, Jake is a beginner in paragliding, but a professionnal to welcome you at our office and to help you to choose a flight or a course, with the help of his puppy Sebra.



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