The school is powered by Claire Mercuriot, acrobatic french champion 2016, Laetitia Mescoff, Jérémy PicqSandie Cochepain, paragliding World Champion, Yohan Esteve,...

Discover paragliding and speed riding with our team, 27 years of teaching experience, in tandem flights,or involve in a course to reach the autonomy.

From beginners, by way of progression and performance
Enjoy cross courses around the valley, or the the journeys which we organize in different countries.

Our teacher are also mountain guides, and they are specialist to organise your high mountain fly or paralpinism (attempt of the Mont blanc climb and fly !).

A new wintry activity: Speedriding, mixing freeride skiing and flying, with a glider of weak surface.
The freeride new generation for all the good skiers!

find here: OUR CALENDAR with all the paragliding courses dates, trips, etc.

You enjoy adrenalin ? you like to engaged yourself and feel new sensations ? You like to be involve in the very deep nature ? free flying is for you !

Producer, broardcaster ... big trade, Salomon, Ozone, Citroen ... give us their confidence. You want to associate free flying to your image ? just contact us for partnersships or films ... be confidente with a very  experienced team.

Outdoorgames, ushuaïa Nature, Didier Lafont, Gilles Santantonio... the list is long, so much professional broadcast and events organisers who trust us !!

Our shop will provide you all the equipment, with all the latest releases in paragliding &  speedriding: Ozone, gingliders, Sup'Air, Advance...

Do not hesitate to contact us.




 Quality Label FFVL 

  La escuela "Les Ailes du Mont Blanc" (« las alas del Mont Blanc »)

  Willkommen auf der Seite der Flugschule “Les Ailes du Mont Blanc”.

  欢迎来到滑翔伞学校Les Ailes du Mont Blanc!

   Benvenuti alla scuola di parapendio “ Les Ailes Du Mont Blanc!

أهلا وسهلا بكم في موقع مدرسة الهبوط بالمظلات :
(اجنحة الجبل الأبيض أو
Mont blanc  ).

About Les Ailes du Mont Blanc

The school is powered by Claire Mercuriot, Voltige French Champion, Laetitia Mescoff, Jérémy Picq, Sandie Cochepain, paragliding World Champion, and others... (read more)

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