What is the equipment necessary for the practice of paragliding ?

Warm & windstopper sportswear.

Lights gloves & Sunglasses.

Randonnee shoes with Vibram soles & if possible waterproof.

In what serves the trainee licence insurance ?

The trainee licence insurance covers you in Air Civil Liability for one week or one year (calendar year). It covers you only as part of practice in school supervised by instructors. It is compulsory. A personal insurance can be signed in more.

What insurance do I have to sign to be able to paraglide?

To be insured to fly detached of a school, it is necessary to subscribe to the insurance "flyer" from the FFVL and to pay the contribution to a club, by example : Les Gratte-Ciel.

If I make a tandem flight, how am I covered?

For the tandem flight, you are covered by the ACL (Air Civil Liability) of your instructor, you can however subscribe to a personal insurance not inclusive but strongly advised ( FFVL).

How are insured the instructors of the structure Les Ailes du Mont Blanc?

All the instructors are insured professionally in "ACL Teaching", as well as the structure.

In which case the medical certificate is compulsory?

The medical certificate of capacity in the practice of paragliding is compulsory for the delivery of a license. According to your age, it has to have been done in the last three years and can be delivered by a general practicioner.

Are the skilifts tickets included in the rates?

The prices of the skilifts are not included in our rates. The choice of sites depends on the weather report, we cannot foresee how many times we shall take the skilifts. Certain sites are accessible in vehicle. See price lists current in the Valley of Chamonix (www.compagniedumontblanc.fr).

How minimum old do I have to be to paraglide?

There is no legal limit for the tandem flights. It is necessary to be 12 years old for the training courses. We recommend however not to register your children on a tandem flight before 7 years-old. The motivation then has to come from the child and has to come on no account from an outside influence. A written parental consent is compulsory for the minors.

What is the qualification of the instructors of the school Les Ailes du Mont Blanc?

All the instructor are awarded the french diploma BEES 1st degree option paragliding, or in vocational training BEES 1st degree 2nd modulate. This diploma requires a high level of vocational training and is compulsory in France to be able to teach against payment.

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