5 days
For Who?
For beginners that want to learn to fly
675,00 €
607,00 €
5 days
For Who?
After doing the Beginners course
675,00 €
607,00 €

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New : Single skin : you can ask to try one
Speed Riding courses all winter form 18 dec to 18 april


Beginner courses (5 days and 4 to 6 days on weekends in spring and autumn ):

After some ground practice, on the school slope, and after learning the theoretical and  practical bases of paragliding, you will already live your first solo flights, guided by your instructors.

Advanced courses (5 days and 4 to 6 days on weekends in spring and autumn )

After your beginners course, you will need more practice, with more technical exercises in the air, with the aim of receiving less and less instructions from your instructors over the radio during  take-offs and  landings... Until you are ready to fly without us!

Hike and fly and high mountain flights :

If you want to try hike and fly, or take off from a high mountain location (Aiguille du Midi...) we also organise some day courses: and for alpinists, we can even organise flights from the summit of Mont-Blanc!

Travel :

Discovering new sites: Canarie island, Azores, Madeira ... contact us for more information !

Discount :

Our "Gens du Pays" courses, open to everybody at the beginning and at the end of the summer season,  and teenager of the valley, end of October

All year out off the above low cost courses: 10% discount on beginner and progression courses, or tandems, for under 18'sd and students.


NEW : you can be hosted by our partner La Folie Douce Hotels located 50m from our school with a 10% discount on the room prices and good prices on the lift passes.

If you want to buy your equipment, we sell second hand gliders and harnesses, have a look at our list.

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Advanced courses technical file

High mountain flights

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If you are already a pilot, our second hand equipment for sale.


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