Vol Biplace Decouverte Plan Praz
120,00 €
100,00 €
Vol Biplace Decouverte Plan Aiguille
130,00 €
110,00 €
Vol Biplace XXL
230,00 €
Pack Decouverte Biplace
180,00 €
Vol Biplace Voltige
140,00 €
Vol Biplace Haute Montagne Aiguille du Midi
350,00 €


Online Tandem reservation

Online Tandem Voucher




in May beginning of June 2021

Due to the very big amount of snow we advice you to fly from Plaine joux price: 110 € per person

The Plan de l'Aiguille take off is open but with deep spring havy  snow cool be difficult, anyway if you want to attempt the adventure you must be fit ad sportiv and you must have a hight mountain tecnical equipement  

contact us by email or phone for more information's

From  5. June: Prarion lift in les houches is open you can fly there on east side early morning or west side.

From 12 . June: easy tandem are possible from Planpraz (better in the morning)

Everything you need to know

When booking, we need the following information for each passenger:

- name

- age

- weight

- phone number

- e-mail

Please tell us if you want the video of your flight (30€) or ask your pilot directly.


10 € discount for children and teens from 6 to 18 years old


Payment: cash, check, online credit card, credit card

If the flight is cancelled due to bad weather conditions we refund the flight.

The price of the lift to access the take-off is not included in the price of the flight:  you will need to purchase a 1 way ticket (+/- 15 € / 18 €) before the appointment time (be careful there may be the queue at the counter).


The recommended flight hours will depend on your weight and the predicted weather forecast

We define the meeting place at the time of registration: at the bottom of the lift at the front of the cash desk or at our office located on the Savoy landing field, behind the Folie Douce Hotels - Thanks for being on time.


Children from 6/7 years old will only fly in calm conditions early in the morning (9am)

Equipment: mountain boots/running shoes, sport pants, fleece and jacket. Don't take a back pack !

Your active and voluntary participation will be necessary for take-off and landing.

Flying is a voluntary act to break with our daily routine, your motivation and your involvement will be the key factors of your pleasure and your safety in a sport called "at risk".


You will find all the details of our flights here or contact us for more info!

Hand'icare flight: Flights for accompaniment for people with reduced mobility are possible from Plaine Joux (preferably: easier access to take off) or from Planpraz


          أهلا وسهلا بكم في موقع مدرسة الهبوط بالمظلات :(اجنحة الجبل الأبيض أو Mont Blanc  ).

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