Tandem Flights & Discovering Day

Fly with a professional instructor (BEES 1st degree // BPJEPS // DEJEPS), specialist in tandem flights.
The amazement of this flight will also be for you the opportunity to learn the basics of the piloting technique. Indeed, if you want, you will be able to pilot a little, with taking the breaks under the careful advises of your teacher.
Your active participation, with a short run, will be necessary for the taking off and for the landing.

The "Discovering Day" will get you to associate an educational tandem flight in low mountain range with a session of slope school in which you will learn to use a glider on the ground and will feel the first sensations of lift.

Download the tandem flights technical file.

Download the high-mountain flights technical file.

Two of our instructors are qualify to fly with handicpted wheelchair. a wheelchair is now available in the valley. Fly are easier to organise in Plaine Joux but they are also possible in Planpraz.

Press issu project "hand'Icare" (in French)


New! the film of your flight in hight definition !

Our instructors now have GoPro cameras, you can leave with a video of your flight in High Definition.

Ask for this option of your tandem flight at your registration: price 30 €


Out of season some of Chamonix lift are closed  . Each of our flight are not possible all the year. We would also advice your choices depending on the meteo.


Paragliding courses

You made a tandem flight or a discovering day?
You feel the desire to learn to fly by yourself ? A training course is imperative.

You will start with a "beginners" course of 5 days, in which you will learn the theoretical and the practical bases of paragliding.

At the end of the course, you will already live your first solo flights, guided by your instructors.



But a "beginners" course will not however get you to fly directly in autonomy, you will have for it need to make some other training courses (progress, performance, etc.).

Your instructors will guide you during all your learning, until the autonomy.


Low cost & promotion: 10% discount teenager under 18 year's old all the year for beginners & advance courses and tandem fly. New help of 80 € to 200 € for the young of less than 21 year's old offert by the Ligue Rhône Alpes de Vol libre.

Our "gens du pays" courses open to everybody at the beginning and at the end of the summer season, have also a big success (minus 35 % have a look on the calendar May and October)

Your level will be validated throught the "pilot passport " and pilot certificats (three different certificats: initial / pilot / confirmed pilot certificat)  will be validated depending of your practical and theoritical level of progression and autonomy. IPPI card equivalence is the international equivalence.

And after ... cross country courses, hight mountain fly and paralpinism ...

Useful Downloads:

The calendar with all the dates
The beginners course technical file
The advanced course technical file
The cross course technical file

The hight mountain fly

The registration form

All the prices

Sorry only in French:

Enquête de satisfaction :  Démarche qualité

Tout élève ayant suivi une formation dans une E.F.V.L. peut effectuer un retour sur sa formation grâce à l’enquête de satisfaction. Si vous souhaitez participer à cette enquête mais n’avez pas reçu d’invitation, merci d’adresser un mail précisant l’école concernée, ainsi que vos nom et prénom à

Speed riding

Speed riding is a new discipline stemming from the meeting of several sports, in particular of (acrobatic) paragliding, of ski version freeride, snow kite and free fall.

Its simplicity of learning returns fast the activity opened to a very wide public.

No need to have some experiment of paragliding, only a good skiing level (all snow / off piste) will be necessary for the practice of Speedriding. Indeed, this activity is practiced on snow only, and consists in flying along a off pist slope, equiped with a pair of skis, a harness, a helmet and a wing of weak surface, easy to pilot.

The objective is not to get height and for a long time, but to play with the relief as a skier would ; the charm thus is to go down slopes quickly by mixing the glide on snow and the gliding flight. speed riding could also become speed kiting when the wind increases, you just play with your wing like with a snow kite, being pulled across and up the hill ... very exciting !!

In 10 years, the practice of speedriding, at first marginal, was outlined, became refined, to reach an optimal level of security and maturity today.

Useful Downloads and Links

The speedriding technical file & registration form - general conditions
From beginners ... to competition level ! On videos.
And a brand new video!


Reminder to the pilots of speed-riding

We remind you that on the ski slopes of a ski resort the rescue is paying and that it is advised to take out an insurance policy assistance and repatriation allowing a coveragein the event of an accident arisen during the practice of the activity speed-riding. The FFVL not proposing any more for 2013 the assistance repatriation, you can sign it either with

Our insurance broker,  On-line subscription on the site of Air Courtage Assurance: http: // AIRSPORTS ASSURANCES / espace FFVL 2 € / jour  ou 50 € for the calendar year.


Is proposed by the Company of the Mont Blanc in the purchase of your skipass: E - gloo assistance repatriation: 2.90 € a day or 17 € for a stay between 6 and 21 days.

More FFVL's information's (in french only)

Le cadre d'enseignement professionnel du speed riding en 2013. Infos FFVL.

Chartre speed riding: l'engagement des écoles

Label qualité FFVL

Speed riding rules for autonom and qualify pilots, please respect the rules !!

Learning alone is dangerous for you and for the others skiers.  If more accident appears due to  practice without  learning propely, the speed riding will be simply forbidden for anybody! please be responsable !

Even the chrismas father tried ! Then he brought many voucher for a discovering day t the feet of the chrismas threes ...

Paragliding Journeys

The calendar with all the dates
South of France
South Africa


Island of La Réunion
Madagascar Island
Madeira Island



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