Speed riding, freeride in 3 rd dimension

Speed riding is a new discipline stemming from the meeting of freestyle paragliding, freeride, snow kite and free fall.

Its simplicity of learning returns fast the activity opened to a very wide public.

No need to have some experiment of paragliding, only a good skiing level (all snow / off piste) will be necessary for the practice of Speedriding. Indeed, this activity is practiced on snow only, and consists in riding along a off pist slope, equiped with a small wing, easy to pilot.


The objective is not to get height and for a long time, but to play with the relief as a skier would ; the charm thus is to go down slopes quickly by mixing the glide on snow and the gliding flight with touch and go. speed riding could also become speed kiting when the wind increases, you just play with your wing like with a snow kite, being pulled across and up the hill ... very exciting !! 

Since 2006, the practice of speedriding, at first marginal, was outlined, became refined, to reach an optimal level of security and maturity today.

Useful Downloads and Links

The speedriding technical file & registration form - general conditions

Buy your own wing: our second hand equipment for sale.

Speed riding: our students on videos.


Aerial civil liability insurance is obligatory to practice speed riding (alone either as with us).

The two days insurance "journée contact" (5 €) that we propose you, cover you with civil liability (the only one obligatory) and individual accident (for death or invalidity).

We remind you that on the ski slopes of a ski resort the rescue is paying and that it is advised to take out an insurance policy assistance and repatriation allowing a coveragein the event of an accident arisen during the practice of the activity speed-riding.

More FFVL's information's (in french only)

Le cadre d'enseignement professionnel du speed riding: note de service ministère

Learning alone is dangerous for you and for the others skiers. If some accident appears due to practice without learning propely, the speed riding will be simply forbidden for anybody! please be responsable ! Please respect the rules !

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