Advanced & Performance Paragliding Courses

Advanced & Performance Paragliding Courses

After doing the Beginners course
5 days
Price adults: 
625,00 €
Price children: 
562,50 €

Attention: Children < 18 years old

These courses aim to guide you progressively to autonomy and serve as an introduction to thermal flying.


- On the first day we go on the school slop to validate your inflating skills (except if we know you and you've flown with us recently). We also go through the flight plan if you don't know it.
- On the next days we fly every morning, when the conditions are still calm. We normally get in 2 or 3 flights every morning, with some exercises adapted to your level. On the last one, depending on your level and on the conditions, you can take thermals to stay longer in the air.
- at the beginning of the afternoon we do flight theory (thermal piloting, weather analysis,...) or practice ground handling in the wind (fun, and really important to improve your piloting!)
- at the end of the day, if the conditions are good and if the level of the group allows it, we can try an evening flight

The goal is to lead you to autonomy, by giving less and less indications over the radio. During the 5 days courses, we go to different sites to practice adaptation to different take offs and landings.
When you reach the level of the pilot's licence, you can pass it with us, just ask us.
Duration: if you can, it's better to do a 5 days course, to get in many flights and have time to improve. But we also organise courses on week-ends, or you can join a part of a course if it's not full.


- Weekend + bank holiday: 20. to 22. April
- Weekend : 27. to 28. April
- Weekend : 4. to 5. May
- Bank holiday + weekend: 8. to 12. May
- 20. to 24. May (low cost « Gens du Pays » open to everybody)
- Bank holiday + weekend: 30. May to 2 June
- weekend + Bank holiday: 8. to 10. June
- Weekend : 22. to 23. and/or 29. to 30. June
- 8. to 12. July

- 29. July to 2. August

- 5. to 9. August
- 19. to 23. August
- 2. to 6. September
- 16. to 20. September
- 25. to 27. September
- 2. to 4. October and 7. to 11. October (low cost « Gens du Pays » open to everybody)
- 23. October to 1. November (days will be adapted and confirmed in adaption with the meteo)-Weekend de pont : 20 au 22 avril

We can add more dates, don't hesitate to ask!

Required level & Physical conditions

You must have done a beginner's course. You will practice the orange to blue levels of your pilot's passport.
It is necessary be in good physical and mental condition to practice this sport. Flying is a voluntary act, outside of everyday life. Your progress in this activity will depend on your motivation and engagement. You are the only pilot on board!

A medical certificate is necessary for the delivery of the FFVL membership (obligatory).
Parental authorisation is required for under 18 year olds.

«A la carte» program : day, half day, 1 flight or 12 flights

You need to have done at least one beginners and one advanced course. If we don’t know you, and if you have never
flown in Chamonix we will have to define in advance the flight plan and we will valid your knowledge with some ground handling on the landing field (2 hours 70 €).
Then you can join a group for a day: 125 € or half day: 100 €.
We have also a "12 tickets" formula (720 €) you can use when you are available. You use 1 ticket for a normal flight ), 2 tickets for a high mountain flight (Grands Montets, Aiguille du Midi...)


125€ per day, 625€ for a 5 days course
100€ for a morning of course, until 12:00
Promotion : “Gens du Pays” courses: 420 € for 5 days (low cost at the beginning and the end of season)
For 12-18 years old: 10% discount (not combinable with the other discounts)
10% discount if you have your own equipment (not combinable with the other discounts)
High mountain flight during a course: to pay the mountain guide + 25 € (150 € / Day in group course)
12 flights card: 720 € (in group course)
1 mid-mountain flight: 70 € (in group course)
School slope or theory : 70 € (2 hours: ground handling, defining a flight plan, validation of your level of experience, pilot licence exam, learning to pack your rescue) (in group course)

The price includes

* The teaching by two instructors with state diploma BEES, BPJEPS or DEJEPS
* The flying equipment (glider, harness with back protection, helmet, radio, rescue parachute)
* The transportation in minibus 9 seats between the different sites
* A theoretical information booklet
* Payment: cash, or on-line by bank card or by bank transfers, or Check (euros) payable to the school “les Ailes du Mont Blanc” or by holiday voucher ANCV.
Every half day or hour started (weather briefing, moving to the flying site even if you don’t fly due to aerological or meteorological conditions) will be invoiced. If we cancel one half day due to very bad weather, this half day will not be invoiced.

The prices do not include

- FFVL licence and insurance, (FFVL: Fédération Française de Vol Libre)
Information on the prices on this link:
- Lift ticket to reach the take off. More info on:

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