Beginners Paragliding Course

Beginners Paragliding Course

For beginners that want to learn to fly
5 days
Price adults: 
650,00 €
Price teens: 
585,00 €

Attention: teenager 12 /18 years old

Beginners course

Guided by professional instructors, you will get all the basic knowledge and practice of this sport. You will progress at
your own pace and after a few days you will do your first solo flights in radio contact with your instructors.
The practice sessions are mainly in the morning when the aerologic conditions are calm. The afternoons are devoted to
learning the theoretical aspects of flying.


1st to 3rd day:
- Learning to control the wing on the ground on a small slope. First feeling of gliding and theoretical ideas.
- Learning to react automatically by repeating the basic movements.
- First sensation of taking off on a school slope, association of theory to the practice: notion of piloting and of a flight plan.
4th and 5th day:
- Depending on your progression, first solo flight (under the radio guidance of two teachers).
- Learning to respect the flight plan and theoretical aspects: analysing your flight.
- One or two flights each day depending on the weather conditions.

If we feel it is necessary, or if you prefer, your first flight can be done with your instructor in tandem. This pedagogic flight will put you in the real situation of flying with a maximum of security as your first flight is done with the teacher behind you.
Validation of your progression following the FFVL pilot's passport : white, yellow and orange levels.

Level required & Physical conditions

No preliminary experience is necessary. It is possible for anyone from 12 years old (with parental authorisation s).
You must be in good physical condition to make progress securely.

A medical certificate is necessary for the delivery of the licence and insurance (mandatory).

Flying is a voluntary act outside of everyday life. Your progress in this activity will depend on your motivation and
engagement. You are the only pilot on board!


650 € for a 5 days course (+/-130€ per day for tge day courses or for the courses of more than 5 days)
105 € for a morning (if the instructor cancels the rest of the day due to meteorologic conditions).
- Special “Gens du Pays” course (in May and October) and teenager course first week of July & October : 450€ for the 5 days
- discount price : - 18 years old have a 10 % discount (except on low cost promotion above courses and private lesson).
* 4 day course in private lessons 3 to 5 days depending on your planning : 345 € per day (255 € for a morning of course till midday if the instructor cancels the rest of the day due to weather conditions).

Possible also for couple or family: 2 students 180 € a day // 3 students 150 € a day (half a day, if we stop the activity at midday due to bad weather conditions: 2 students 135 € // 3 students: 115 €)


-  15th - 19th of February

-  22nd - 26th of February

-  2 bank week-end: 13th to 16th of May and 23rd to 24th of May 

- from the 3rd to 7th of May (*promotion « Gens du Pays » open to everybody)

- from the 31st of May to 4th of June

- 14. to 18. June

- 4 to 6 or 8 days on 2 to 4 week-end to chose : 5. / 6., 12. / 13.,  19. / 20. and 26. / 27. June

- 28. June to 2. July (ouvert à tous mais tarif *Promotion uniquement pour les Lycéens & collégiens de Chamonix ou adolescents résidents secondaires ou moins de 18 ans en contrat d'apprentissage).

- 12. to 16. July

- 26. to 30. July

- 9. to 13. August

- 23. to 27. August

- 13. to 17. September

- 27. September to 1. October (*promotion « Gens du Pays » open to everybody)

-  « Toussaint » holidays : 23. to 30. October (days will be confirmed in adaption with the meteo / course is open to everybody but the low cost price "gens du pays" is ONLY for teenager less than 18. year's old)  Date updated

Private lessons

1 student (we can also arrange for two or three students) : dates at your convenience
Constituted groups: If you are a group of minimum 4 people, don’t hesitate to ask, we can add other dates (if possible 15 days in advance to be sure to have availability)

The prices include
- Instructor tuition (all instructors have state diploma BEES, BPJEPS or DEJEPS (or a student teacher DEJEPS): one on the school slope, two for the solo flights.
- Flying equipment (modern glider, harness with back protection, helmet, radio, rescue parachute).
- Transport between the different sites.
- The FFVL Pilot's passport, theory notebook for beginners
- Payment: by cash, or on-line by bank card or by bank transfers, or Check (euros) payable to the school “les Ailes du Mont Blanc” or by holiday voucher ANCV.

Every half day or hour started (weather briefing, moving to the flying site even if you don’t fly due to aerological or meteorological conditions) will be invoiced. If we cancel one half day due to very bad weather, this half day will not be invoiced.
The whole day is about 6 hours, half day about 3 hours.
The price does not include
- FFVL licence and insurance,
Information on the prices on our website
- Lift tickets & pass, more info on:

Personal Equipment

Sport clothes (no shorts, long tee-shirts with long sleeves), warm clothes for the flight, hiking shoes, light gloves, sunglasses.

If you want a more personalized course, you can do a private course, alone or with one or two friends

A method with an adapted pedagogy possible all year round. Apprenticeship efficient and adapted to your time planning.
You will do a minimum of 2 to 3 tandem flights during which you will pilot under the advice of your teacher. The practice on the school slope will give you the good technical movements necessary for your first solo flights.
3 first days: tandem flights, school slope and theoretical lessons with one teacher.
4 th/ 5 th day: one or two solo flights if you feel ready (under the radio guidance of two teachers).

Price for a one day private course :
1 person : 345 € // 2 persons: 180 € per person // 3 persons : 150 € per person
Half day, if we stop before 12:00pm
1 person : 255 € // 2 persons : 135 € // 3 persons : 115 €

To registre

To pay the deposit: 260 €

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